Planned downtime on NSD's websites and services

Due to server maintenance, all NSD’s websites and services will be out of operation between Thursday 5 December 22:00 and Monday 9 December 12:00.

If you rely on NSD systems, and have planned to carry out tasks that involve NSD systems during the downtime period, we recommend that you carry them out by Thursday 5 December or postpone them to Monday 9 December.

Please note that there is a risk that some systems may behave unstable in the period after operations have been reestablished.

We perform maintenance to continue to ensure safe and stable access to NSD services going forward.

Which services will be affected by the downtime?

The following services will be out of operation:

  • Notification form (Meldeskjema)
  • Notification Archive (Meldingsarkivet)
  • The Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals (Kanalregisteret)
  • ESS – European Social Survey
  • NSD Data Management Plan
  • NSD Data Archive
  • NSD WebSurvey
  • All websites under the domain runs on SSB infrastructure, and is unaffected by NSD downtime.

The maintenance work will not involve changes to or loss of information stored with NSD.

NSD systems unavailable also for NSD staff

NSD staff will not have access to the systems, and will therefore not be able to assist users in finding data or information in NSD systems during the maintenance period.

Friday 6 December NSD staff will not be available via email/telephone

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