State Administration Literature Database

Period: 1947-present


Information about datasets under State Administration Literature Database

'Datasets' contains detailed information about the basic data in the archive. 'Tables and figures' on the left depend on these datasets.


The State Administration Database has been further developed through two projects where relevant literature concerning the units in the database has been registered.

Both projects are integrated in a common database. It is important to notice that this database is a project in progress and new publications may be added across the whole period.

Also all available annual reports havew been added as pdf-files.

About State Administration Literature Database

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Ever since the initiative was taken to develop the State Administration Database, there has been a need to systemize relevant publications concerning the units in the database.

The first spesific mapping started in 2005 based on funds from the SAMDATA project financed by the Norwegian Research Council. In this project, The Rokkan Centre together with NSD started to add new basic information about the units in the database in an accumulating manner.

Central people in the literature project have been professor paul G. Roness, University of Bergen and Sturla Herfindal, the Rokkan Centre, Bergen.

Also all available annual reports have been added as pdf-files.

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