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Archive of Historical Events for Parties

Period: 1814-present


Information about datasets under Archive of Historical Events for Parties

'Datasets' contains detailed information about the basic data in the archive. 'Tables and figures' on the left depend on these datasets.


The archive includes facts about political historical events and political parties. The information is divided into three tables:

  1. Background information for political parties:
    Provides background information for the Norwegian political parties from 1814 until today. The variables include for instance date of establishment, date/period when first represented in the Storting, and general history of the party.
  2. Organizational change in the political parties:
    Information on how parties have changed during the years. For example, some parties have merged, others have split and so on.
  3. Important historical events in Norwegian politics:
    Brief description of the most important historical events that have influenced the Norwegian political institutions.

About Archive of Historical Events for Parties

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