* Administrative Department

This page shows the event history for this unit.

01.01.2002 Founding by complex reorganization

Name: * Administrative Department
Short name: ADA
Affiliations: Ministry
Hierarchical level: Division
Superior body: Ministry of Health
Located: 301 Oslo

Please note that this event has comments in Norwegian that are for the present not translated into English.

01.10.2004 New superior organization (horizontal movement)

(The unit has changed superior.)


* = If a date is denoted with an asterisk (*), this implies that the date is not confirmed.

* = If a name is denoted with an asterisk (*), this implies a direct translation from Norwegian to English. The translation is thus not necessarily the official one (if any exists at all).

Comment to the change-of-name event: Sometimes the old and new name is the same. This occur when the translation to English haven’t taken into consideration minor Norwegian name change.