Notification Form for projects processing personal data

If you will be processing personal data in your project, and your institution has an agreement with NSD, you must submit a Notification Form at least 30 days prior to commencing data collection. You must await our assessment before you start collecting data.

The English version of the Notification Form is now available. You can change the language in the top right-hand corner of the form.

1) Do I have to notify my project? Take the notification test

If you are going to process personal data – and how you are going to process personal data, is decisive to whether you need to notify your project.

2) Do I have to give information to the sample and gain their consent?

Read about requirements for information and consent. We recommend that you use our template for the information letter.

3) How can I contribute to quicker processing of my Notification Form?

Here you will get help to fill in and submit a complete and correct Notification form, so that we will not have to ask you for further information.

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