About us

NSD provides data protection services for approximately 140 research and educational institutions, including all the Norwegian universities, university colleges, several hospitals, and a number of independent research institutions.

Our services

Our main task is to assist the institutions in fulfilling their statutory duties relating to internal control and quality assurance of their own research. In order to solve this task we offer several services:

  • assessment of research projects that process personal data
  • we follow up on project changes, extensions and at the end of the projects
  • guidance, training and information material for researchers, students, administration and management
  • access to tools for the institution's handling of personal information, the Notification Archive (Meldingsarkivet), to safeguard internal control of own research
  • guidance to the research subject about their rights
  • a public list of project that process personal data


Phone number: 55 58 21 17 (press 1)

Phone hours: 10.00-14.00

Chat hours: 10.00-14.00

E-mail: personverntjenester@nsd.no


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