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Procedures for accessing NSDs data

NSD's collection of research data consists of a series of studies conducted in Norway by various researchers and research institutes. Some datasets are freely available online, while others are available to order. It is the researcher or the responsible institution that determines the availability of the data. For data that require an application, the process is as follows:

  1. Order submitted

    Data may be ordered via NSDs order form or
  2. Processing order

    The order is assessed based on the data set’s access criteria as determined by the researcher or research institution. Most data sets are available to students and researchers affiliated to Norwegian colleges and universities, although some data sets are also available to other users.
  3. Access letters and confidentiality agreement

    NSD then sends an access letter and confidentiality agreement where conditions for use are stipulated. If the data consumer is a student, a supervisor's declaration is included. The user will receive these documents within a week of submitting the order.
  4. Sign and return

    The data user then signs and returns the declaration of confidentiality and, for students, supervisor declaration to NSD via e-mail or mail.
  5. Access to data

    Access to data is given upon signed confidentiality agreement and, if applicable, supervisor declaration. The user will receive data and documentation by e-mail or on DVD as soon as they are prepared by NSD.

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