NSD certified

NSD has achieved Data Seal of Approval (DSA) after the completion of a self-assessment of NSD’s research data archive’s procedures, routines and documentation.

DSA is part of a European framework for assessment and certification of digital repository services and it consist of 16 compulsory requirements regarding data ingest, data curation, data discovery, and data access and availability. Based on the self-assessment and on preparations in front, NSD guaranties that deposited data are stored and curated in a secure and trusted manner, and that data and metadata always will be available. The DSA also gives the users of NSD’s services the possibility to assess the service level and quality of the archive.

As a part of the self-assessment, NSD has developed new Web-pages for the research data archive services. The pages are published in both Norwegian and English, and provide access to the complete documentation of the services as required by DSA.

NSD is, by the Norwegian Ministry for Research and Education, appointed to be the Norwegian Service Provider for CESSDA. According to its Statutes all CESSDA Service Providers have to meet a certain service level, and CESSDA has thus decided that all Service Providers have to obtain DSA.