The Norwegian panel study on Life course, Ageing and Generation (NorLAG)

The Norwegian panel study on Life course, Ageing and Generation (NorLAG) is the first large scale study of individuals in mid-life and old age in Norway. NorLAG is an interdisciplinary study which is developed from a life course perspective. The three main goals are: (1) to explore the premises for vital aging and well-being in old age, (2) to study these premises in diverse local communities and under different service models, and (3) to contribute knowledge to a sustainable welfare policy in an ageing society. The panel design of the study offers the possibility to explore ageing and role transitions as processes over time.

The main research areas in NorLAG

Two waves of data collection have been conducted so far: the first wave (NorLAG-1) in 2002–2003, and the second wave (NorLAG-2) in 2007–2008. A total of 72 per cent of the respondents in the first wave also participated in NorLAG-2 and constitutes the study’s panel sample (N = 3,765), aged 40–79 years in NorLAG-1. All in all, the data file comprises 7,048 respondents. Data collection included telephone interview, postal questionnaire, and data from public registers that were matched both before and after the telephone interview. In NorLAG-2 register data for the respondent’s partner is also available, and register information is updated annually through 2012.

The second wave of NorLAG was merged with the UN initiated Generations and Gender Survey (GGS) and named the Life course, Generation and Gender study (LOGG).

An easy-to-use version of the original NorLAG panel data file has been prepared as part of the research infrastructure project (ACCESS Life Course Database). The NorLAG easy-to-use file facilitates data accessibility by:

An example of possible analyses in NorLAG panel: does alcohol consumption change with age?

Percentage changes in proportions with a «high» alcohol consumption over a five year period. Birth cohorts: 1962–1928 (40–74 years) in 2002/2003


Source: NorLAG panel easy-to-use 2002–2008

The ‘ACCESS Life Course Database’ project is located and managed from NOVA in cooperation with Statistics Norway, and funded by the Research Council of Norway. You can read our newsletter here. If you have any questions or comments regarding this data file, do not hesitate to contact, or check our website

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