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The Development Research Centre on Migration, Globalisation and Poverty (Migration DRC, for short) was a partnership of eight institutions located in five countries: Bangladesh, Ghana, Albania, Egypt and the United Kingdom. The centre aimed to promote new policy approaches to migration and poverty, and undertook a programme of research on migration. As part of this research programme, Migration DRC compiled a global database on stocks of immigrants by country of origin and destination.

In January 2010 the project came to an end. It's successor is the Migrating out of Poverty Research Programme Consortium (RPC). However, the data from the project is still available from the project homepage.


Global Migrant Origin Database

Global Migrant Origin Database


Migration DRC




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226 countries

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Data types and sources

Population data primarily based on censuses. In cases where census data were not available, data from population registers or other sources were used. Some of the data were generated by disaggregating data from the primary sources through estimation procedures. The database extends the basic stock data on international migration that is published by the United Nations.

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Global Migrant Origin Database


The database contains data on immigrant stocks by country or territory of origin. The data are available in four versions, each progressively more complete but more speculative than the last. The first version contains all the raw data collected with a few adjustments. The fourth version is the most complete in terms of coverage and detail, but it is probably the least accurate set of data.

Geographical coverage

The database covers 226 countries and territories.

Time coverage and updates

Most of the data were collected as part of the 2000 round of censuses, which covers censuses taken between 1995 and 2004. Older data were used when this information was not available.

In January 2010 the project came to an end. It's successor is the Migrating out of Poverty Research Programme Consortium (RPC).


The database is described in detail in Parsons et al. (2007), a working paper that can be downloaded from a World Bank website. In addition to providing information on sources and estimation procedures, the working paper discusses problems of data quality and comparability.

Access conditions and cost

Available free of charge.

Access procedures

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Data formats


Comparability and data quality

Not examined, but see Parsons et al. (2007: 8-9) for a general discussion.

Electronic resources

United Nation: International Migration

OECD Migration Database


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