Election Resources on the Internet

Research project

Election Resources on the Internet is a website established and maintained by Manuel Álvarez- Rivera. The website contains election data for a number of countries, as well as links to other electronic resources on elections. The website is available in both English and Spanish.


Election Resources on the Internet

Election Resources on the Internet


Election Resources on the Internet


On-screen tables and maps




Ca. 30 countries

Last reviewed


Data types and sources

The website is mainly a provider of links to various official sources: government institutions, national parliaments and national statistical offices, which holds the original election data. In addition the site provides summaries of election results for selected countries, presented in on-screen tables.

Data download

Election Resources on the Internet


Data on registered voters, turnout, invalid votes, valid votes, and votes and seats distribution by political parties.

Geographical coverage

The database contains data for around 30 countries, and links to sources with data for up to 100 other countries and territories. Regional data are also available in most cases.

Time coverage and updates

The time coverage varies substantially across countries. A few countries are covered from 1945 onwards, and all countries are covered from 2001. The database is continuously updated.


Information on data sources, electoral system and political background is available on the website.

Access conditions and cost

Available free of charge.

Access procedures

Predefined tables organised by country and election.

Data formats

On-screen tables and maps.

Comparability and data quality

Not examined.