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Why archive data?

There are many good reasons for long-term archiving of research data.

The most important reason for archiving data is to ensure that important information is not lost. Through good maintenance and backup procedures, NSD ensures that the data are preserved for the future.

NSD is one of the world’s largest research data archives. It provides data and data services for the research sector. Its main objective is to improve opportunities and framework conditions for empirical research, which is primarily dependent on access to data. By archiving data at NSD you can:

  • Ensure that data is not lost
  • Increase the significance of the research data (through increased visibility and use)
  • Promote scholarly debate
  • Promote further research in the field
  • Ensure verifiability
  • Prevent researchers from having to obtain the same information several times
  • Prevent informants from being asked the same questions several times
  • Contribute important research examples for educational purposes

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