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Prepare data for archiving

To ease the reuse of the data, it is important that the data owner delivers correct and clear data.

Final version

Check that you deliver the right version of the data material for archiving.

Depositing personal data?

Check whether the data contain directly or indirectly identifiable personal data. If personal data are to be archived, the data owner must document that the data can be archived. Read more about NSD's procedures for personal data.

Enclose all relevant documentation

Enclose all relevant documentation such as questionnaires, code books, interview guides, reports, publications and information about anonymisation of the material, if relevant. See NSD's documentation guide for helpful information and examples on how to make documentation. NSD documents all data sets on the basis of the documentation received. The data owner chooses which documents to make available for lending, and which documents will merely be archived and used as a basis for NSD's documentation.


NSD documents data in Norwegian and English. If your data or metadata is NOT in Norwegian or English, please contact before you deposit your data material.

Preferred file formats

NSD accepts most data formats. A list has nevertheless been drawn up of the preferred file formats. Please contact NSD if your data are in another file format.

File overview

If you wish to archive more than one file, an overview of all the files must be enclosed in which each individual file is described.

Quantitative data

When archiving quantitative data, the variable names and descriptions must be understandable and in accordance with the questionnaire. The values must be briefly described. Any constructed variables and/or weights must be sufficiently documented. A separate code must be assigned to any missing values, e.g. 88 for 'do not know'. They should not be shown as empty or missing. Check for obvious errors and improbably high/low values in the frequencies. See NSD's documentation guide for more information.

Transcribed interviews

When archiving transcribed interviews, the time, location, pseudonym and any descriptions of the informants must be clearly stated for each individual interview. Mark the difference between questions and answers.


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