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Personal data

Personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable person. A person may be identified by name, images/video, e-mail, IP-address or a number referring to a list of names, through photo/video of recognizable faces, or through a combination of background information. To decide whether the data are personal identifiable, NSD carries out a manual control of anonymity.

Anonymisation and legal storage of personal data

If NSD is to archive personal data, the data owner must document that storage of the data is permitted pursuant to the applicable regulations. If the data owner is not allowed to store the data, NSD can anonymise the data so that an anonymous version can be archived before the original data are deleted.

Data processor agreement

Before NSD can store personal data, it is required by law that a data processor agreement be entered into between NSD and the data owner.


Any identifiers must be stored separately from the data file.


All employees of NSD have signed a declaration of secrecy and only have access to data that are relevant to their work. All processing of personal data takes place on an offline computer (disconnected from the internet, intranet and other computers).


NSD can assist in the anonymisation of personal data.


Personal data are not published on NSD's website, but it is possible to publish information about the study. If the data are to be freely accessible, the data must be anonymised.


Personal data can only be distributed in accordance with the data processor agreement entered into between the data owner and NSD. An alternative is to anonymise the survey before distribution, but this must always be approved by the data owner.

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