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NSD is awarded CoreTrustSeal. This means that NSD is certified as a credible and reliable archive of research data.

In order to be in compliance with international and national accessibility and sharing strategies, research data must be stored in trusted archives that makes sure the data can be found and reused. The award of CoreTrustSeal means that NSD is certified as a credible and reliable archive for research data.

Since the early 1970s, NSD has been working to archive and make available research data, both as national data infrastructure and as part of European and other international networks.

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CoreTrustSeal is assigned to reliable data infrastructures upon application. An independent assembly reviewers assesses the archive against a set of core characteristics of trustworthy data repositories. The assessment certifies the credibility of the archive.

The certificate means that NSD meets requirements connected to the following issues:

  • Safe operations and continuous access to archived data in a long-term perspective
  • Disciplinary and ethical standards
  • Sufficient funding and expertise
  • Information Security
  • Metadata to provide retrieval and reuse
  • Workflows from data submission to data dissemination
  • Citation
  • Licensing
  • Technical infrastructure

CoreTrustSeal replaces the Data Seal of Approval (DSA). NSD has been DSA-certified since 2015.

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