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Archive data

How to archive your data with NSD:

1. Prepare your data

Are your data ready to be archived? Read more about how to prepare data for archiving here.

2. Deposit your data files

Deposit all relevant data files and documantation in our data deposit service. When you deposit your data you will be asked to fill out an archiving form so that we capture the most important information about your project and your data.

Log in to deposit your data

If you prefer to send us your data in other ways, please contact

3. Sign an archiving agreement

When you have deposited your data you will receive an email confirming that NSD has received your data. You will also receive an archiving agreement. This is an agreement between NSD and data owner that defines the access conditions of your data. Please contact us if you have not received a reply within two to three working days.

Once access conditions have been defined and archiving agreement has been signed and returned to NSD, we will prepare and publish data / metadata. You will receive an email when the data is made available on our web pages. Read more about our filing routines here.

Do you have any questions about archiving? Contact

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